Take Your Meds-It's A New Book Review:--
"Mitzy Neuhaus just wants to get back to business as usual....As the tale unfolds, the excessive interest of the FBI, city planners, and possibly organized crime, threaten to derail Mitzy's career, romance & way of life."Eminent Domain-A Mitzy Neuhaus Mystery  possess all of the qualities of a great mystery with a lot of extra thrown in. I enjoyed peeking into a sweet romance, gaining insight on housing market,while feeding my interest on renovations.  Mitzy, the main character is such an entertaining (and curious)soul I found myself cheering her own while worrying about the next bit of adventure she would fall into.  I was very impressed with the amount of knowledge I gained about the realestate business through a mystery.  Never a dull page.  Traci Hilton did an awesome job. Facebook Best Blogger Tips