Take Your Meds-It's A New Book Review:--
I must say that initially I was a little leery about reading on the topic of weight lose since I am on the other side of the spectrum, but life changes quickly and I wanted to learn more about retaining a good weight.
Jonathan Ellis did a very nice job explaining his routines, procedures, triumphs and failures. The narrative form and quick wit made me feel as if I were talking and listening to a friend who only wants to share his experience in the hope it would help me also. In reading the book I learned a lot about my own personal choices that deter me from reaching my goal. Thin doesn't always mean you have control of your weight. I realized I have poor nutritional habits.
The first thing I noticed after opening the book was its outstanding formatting. A total slap in the face to nay sayers about the professionalism of Indie authors. I was very impressed. Just this let me know I would be in for a good read. It showed the care and purpose Ellis had for the topic. If you have a problem with weight gain or maintaining a healthy weight level, or just want to learn something new, I highly recommend this book. If I Can Lose It can be purchased through any of the major bookstores and  Amazon  in print and digital. Smashwords. Take a look at Jonathan's BLOG or WEB Follow him on FACEBOOK
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