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 The Whale Whisperers of Ensorclea is a book of so many different genre's you are entertained from the first page. There's murder, intrigue, treason, fantasy,science, romance and best of all communication with animals. Ed did such a good job introducing and exposing the layers of each of the characters, I had to research to see if there really were indigenous people who believed they could talk to their ancestors, the fish. The story sneaks on you with quiet, fanciful beauty. Well written, gorgeous descriptions and before you know it you are ensnared into another world.

I became really embroiled in the chaos of the king's life, trying to figure out who killed his wife, excited with Lore trying to help her father move on and find a new love and totally entranced with the idea of listening to your surroundings and learning from everything. As the story clearly drew to an end, I reluctantly continued reading, totally wishing there would be more. If there is one thing I will remember from The Whale Whisperer of Ensorclea is the fact 'information is never lost'. A small thought with a huge wow and insightful concept.This is a tale deserving of a second part.
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