Take Your Meds-It's A New Book Review:--
 OMG! This story is awesome, digs into your subconscious, and makes you question the true motives of humanity.  I was so pulled into the story I finished it in one sitting. The horrors Danny had to live through made me want to just climb through the pages and protect him. Sye and Claudia will drag you through a myriad of emotions with their descriptive prose.Shock and rejection at the horrors of life, one of the main feelings. But for the misguided belief of the mother, the child's life could have been so different.

When I became aware Sye (along with Claudia) had written another book I had to get it and couldn't wait to read it. I thought his first novel 'Losing the Hate' was outstanding, but Bingo....'intense' is all I can say.I recommend Bingo. It will be on my mind for a long time.
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