Take Your Meds- It's A New Book Review:--

"It's every parent's worst nightmare but what if that nightmare came true and what if the reality was worse than you could dream?"
  If you have a teen and even if you don't, this is the best book to read if you want to annihilate what's left of your peace of mind. As if it isn't bad enough to only communicate with your child through a dance of thumb tips on keys and choppy spelling, M.T. has to slip in and weave fear into the brain with a well written mini scare-a-thon. WTH, can we say 'why not bring a parent's dread to life?' The writing throws you smack dab in the middle of a mother's worry and drags you around with her until the very shocking end. The author made me want to kick myself for being made so scared. If you're one of those minute controlling, paranoid parents, you should read this book. If you aren't one of those parents, read it anyway, you may need a little of this. Sometimes we have to change our way of thinking before we bring the fears to our door step.


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