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 The tale of The Snake Pit is told in the best way possible, through the eyes and in the words of each character from their unique point of view. Everyone could see the same things, but interpreted them differently. Through the eyes of a best friend we learn of the uniqueness of the main character, Cinda. We can see how even though Cinda smiled and seemed to ignore the bullying, she was deeply distressed by it. The boy , good looking and friendly did his best to diffuse the situation which only seemed to make matters worse. The callous words of the visually perfect, main bully who could see no wrong in the way she treated another human she considered to be damaged, was the most disturbing because it showed the mind of the bully. Some kids are so mean and once they see a fault in someone or a gem they don't have within themselves they attack.
The voices that bothered me the most were the voices of the adults. Their preconceived ideas of what or who are natural problems were no different than a child's view and they always chose to close their eyes to the problem
And in the end, Cinda tells us more than anyone in the story ever could, bullying hurts to the soul. It can kill the spirit and the very essence of a human. I don't know if it's good to say I loved this story, but I will because it helped me to understand how we need to look deeper than at what is on the surface. How we as parents and care givers should pay attention to all that is going on in the lives of our children and that we should hold the schools responsible if no actions or corrections or made when bullying occurs in or outside of the school's jurisdiction. If it happens beyond the gates, you can best believe it is happening in the hallways.
This is a book I think every adult and teen should read.

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