Take Your Meds- It's A New Book Review:--

Some people get what they deserve and some people deserve what they get. Though these two stories toot the same theme, greed and dishonesty, they are different in their stories.

The first case 'Taken From Me, shows how devious some women are when it comes to setting up and cashing in on a 'lifetime' meal ticket. Some of the tricks Nina pulled were shocking and made me want to hurt her.

My Invisible Father, is stark in its reality of it's depiction of what can happen when the father decides he wants nothing to do with his offspring. I have to say I was really ticked when it seemed Raymond would get away with all of his wrong doings.

In the end, I love the way the tables turn for all involved in both stories.
I must warn you there are some graphic sexually explicit scenes, but that is the nature of the book. Regardless of the fact  I skipped over those parts, none of the storyline was lost.
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