Take Your Meds- It's A New Book Review:--

Flashback is a vampire story, something I never read and yet Kayla had me sucked in within the first few pages. I won't dare insult her writing by saying she has written a great story for a twelve year old, I have to say Kayla has done a terrific job as an author penning her first novel. I like the way Flashback reads as if I am in the mind of a teen and not a story written for a teen. I now know how complicated the life (school)of a student can be with the subtle slotting for social standing and every name brand item loved by youth.
 I am most impressed, not just by the fact the author happens to be a twelve year old, but by her grasp and use of her language skills. Kyla's switch from past to present is almost flawless and will keep you reading to find out why Isabelle was killed in her past life and why someone thinks she deserves the same fate in the present.
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