Take Your Meds- It's A New Book Review:--
  I read The Summer of Wrath a couple of months ago and the story stayed so solidly on my mind, I had to digest it before writing a review.
There are many things that can change your faith and belief in God and nothing does it better than a death of a family member-that is, unless you have to deal with a member's abduction and disappearance.
Human traffic has always been a hard concept to phantom and Cassandra Baker-Durham does an outstanding job in showing how simple, and scary the process can be, all it takes is someone with an evil spirit,a lust for money, and  a victim. In The Summer of Wrath, Wilson is a no holds barred character in search of his sister, I don't blame him. I did wonder what was the repercussions of his wrath,but the answer isn't necessary to the story.
The Summer of Wrath is an interesting, entertaining, and an eye opening novel. It will make you questions the strength of your own beliefs and have you wondering about the mindset of almost everyone around you. If you want a book that will remain in your mind, I recommend The Summer of Wrath.
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