Take Your Meds- It's A New Book Review:-- A correspondence worth digging into, Hope to See You Soon by Revital Shiri Horowitz.
Friendships born in childhood, withstands the painful growth of wings, spans the oceans, dies a never ending death, yet never turns to dust.
Hope to See You Soon is an intricate exposure into the life and binding relationship between best friends, Tamari and Michal.
I loved seeing their lives through the form of letters. Following their conversations felt a little like a trip into an attic filled with trunks. The stories they could hold. I gladly tossed aside one joy and heartbreak as fast as I could turn the pages, excited about the uncovered secrets and years of living.
 Hope to See You Soon fills all expectations and reminds us of that one friend who has the ability, with a single word, to breathe life back into a relationship long thought buried.
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