Take Your Meds- It's A New Book Review

Rachelle's Window: #BookReview WHEN CLOUDS TOUCH by Ey Wade #romance #multicultural
When Clouds Touch by Ey Wade
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
 You will simply love Paisley and Malachi. These two were destined to love each other and their sweet innocent way of coming together despite Paisley's health and overprotective parents just makes you love them more. Malachi is a real sweetheart and has an awesome sense of humor. He knows how to humor Paisley and her parents and lightens the moment with his big heart and cheerful outlook. However, be sure to keep tissues for the ending. I can't tell you much emotion you'll feel at the end. The love that even through the despair and grief, hope shines through, and I feel touched by this story and will never look at clouds touching the same again.-

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