Take Your Meds- It's A New Book Review:

Ben loves his dad, but has no respect for him. Disrespects his stepmother, but lusts over body. Harbors a deep love for his mother, yet doesn't accept the diminishing of her mental capabilities. Lenny is torn between the love for his new, younger wife- who in my opinion is a replacement for the love of his life who's disease has erased him from her memory. Anita, the new wife is like a candle in the wind, blowing in whichever direction the wind moves her. A little confusing, eccentric and in need of love. The family is in such a state of dysfunction it is the only way they can function. Apart From Love, exposes raw emotion and unearths things we dislike seeing in ourselves - the utter need and equal disdain for members of our own families. Apart From Love tells the story from the three main character's own perception of what is really going on so it's up to you to decide who is at fault or not at fault for the ripples. It's a good story and I recommend it. Best Blogger Tips