Take Your Meds- It's A New Book Review:--

 The story of domestic abuse. As entrapping as the threads of a spider's web. The people just walking on the edge never realizing, all it takes is a small slip and you're caught.  When a Man Loves a Woman, is a life shared from many points of views. Through each main character I was able to experience the story through their own pain and interpretation.  .

 Oh my God, in this book,the level of domestic abuse began to seem never ending and wrapped around everyone. In the arms of a black widow in the form of a devious, beautiful, broken man named Avery.
Tumika Cain did an awesome job pulling this reader into the story, wrapping me in as easy as Alicia was wrapped into romanticism and abuse with Avery. When a Man Loves a Woman, shows you the layers of danger involved when not paying attention to the signs and the monsters which can develop when everyone decides to keep their mouth shut.
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